Working on a customer site for CF Webtools.  They have an HTML email that goes out to people who fill out a form on their site. In the email they have a form with a bunch of hidden fields, if you click the Submit button it takes you to a page and creates a printable version of an application.

Their request was to create a text version of this email since some users did not have email programs that supported HTML. I used some suggestions that Wil posted here on creating the text version.  I tested the text version email and it worked great.

I decided to test the HTML version as well, it appeared to be fine, however each time I clicked the submit button it took me to an error page.  I looked into why the error was being thrown and apparently the form variables were not being passed. I use Thunderbird, from what I can tell Thunderbird will not pass form variables within an email to your browser. I’m sure there are other email clients that also have this problem.  I suggested we just nix the “form” all together, since the user isn’t actually filling anything out in the email.  So I removed the form and replaced it with an embedded link.

Moral of the story, don’t use forms in email unless you want to exclude some of your audience. 🙂